Chair Massage

Chair MassageChair Massage techniques focus on the manipulation of the soft tissues of the upper body, including; the head, neck, back, and shoulders which are often the source of frequent tension. During a chair massage session, you will be seated in a chair specifically designed for massage. This chair allows the therapist to have easy access to key areas, and the result is a targeted massage designed to pinpoint exact areas of the body.

The muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back are subject to daily stress and these stresses can cause body tissue to become sore and stiff. A Massage Therapist often uses his or her elbows and hands to apply pressure to the affected regions and muscle groups during a chair massage. The result of this gentle manipulation of tissue is muscle relaxation and the release of tension and stress.

Added Convenience

Chair massage can be more accessible for certain guests than full-body massage which typically takes place on a massage table. Some clients, particularly those who are older or those who might be challenged with physical limitations, sometimes have difficulty moving on a traditional massage table.

Fully Clothed & Comfortable

Full-body table massage requests the guest to undress, but only according to his/her level of comfort. When a massage is performed in a chair, guests remain fully clothed and still reap the benefits of massage therapy.