Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu massageUtilizing bars on the ceiling, your therapist will provide smooth broad deep strokes, compression, trigger point therapy, with their sanitized feet. This technique can accomplish a lot more than traditional massage using the hands. Ashiatsu is a “deeper than deep tissue ” massage.

With good pressure, Ashiatsu massage can be likened to a deep tissue massage without the discomfort that can be created by the pointiness of fingers or elbows, because the weight of the therapist’s body is spread over the larger area of the foot. For the therapist, this technique allows for the diversification of the work posture, because it uses the weight of the body.

This massage offers several benefits common to massage therapy. Among the benefits, Ashiatsu:

  • Relaxes the muscles by elongating the fibers
  • Improves posture and range of motion
  • Helps to reduce chronic muscle pain

Like all forms of massage, Ashiatsu can reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, reduce blood pressure, and relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression.